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Bridging Legal & Marketing Teams on Wikipedia Policy

Today we published a report called "Finding Safety in Ethics" answering the proverbial question between legal and marketing teams: "can we edit our company's Wikipedia page?" The legal department knows that Wikipedia's conflict of interest guideline warns of "real-world consequences," and they've seen the headlines from inappropriate corporate participation on Wikipedia.

On the other hand, marketing knows that Wikipedia articles on our products, executives and brands are at the top of Google searches. Most of the time they're not up to Wikipedia's own standards. We can't ignore one of the world's most influential, most important websites.

Our report marks the first time credible and in-depth information has been published to help marketing executives and managers establish a corporate policy for Wikipedia.

The report includes a segment authored by a major contributor to Wikipedia's conflict of interest guideline on how corporations should interpret Wikipedia's advice. It also aligns corporate attributes with one of 5 Wikipedia engagement strategies. While the report doesn't support one approach over another universally, one takeaway is that more companies can find balance between risky behavior and ignoring Wikipedia by transparently collaborating with Wikipedia's editorial community.


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