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Our services

Ethical Wiki's primary service offering is a per-article subscription to ethical Wikipedia marketing services. Clients pay a low monthly fee over a one or two-year subscription period and we maintain the article up to Wikipedia's standards for the duration of the subscription.

In most cases, we bring our client articles up to Wikipedia's "Good Article" rank, placing it in the top one percent of Wikipedia's best company articles according to the site's rankings. Additionally, Ethical Wiki will facilitate updates to the article once-per-year, watch the page and protect it from edits that are out of compliance with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. At the end of the subscription, clients have the option to renew at a lower, maintenance-only rate.

Our services span research, writing, coding, consulting and community collaboration. All services are provided in adherence with the Federal Trade Commission's disclosure laws, Wikipedia's policies and our own Statement of Ethics. For more information, visit our About us page to learn about our experience, or the Our ethics page to learn more about our approach to ethics.