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Why Wikipedia matters to marketers

Wikipedia is the sixth largest website on the planet, beating LinkedIn, Twitter and Wordpress in Alexa's rankings. Its articles are among the top ten results in more than 95% of online searches. According to data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Wikipedia is used by 65 percent of college-educated adults in the US and has more college-educated readers than Twitter and Facebook combined.

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This reflects a significant disparity between Wikipedia's level of influence and the thoughtfulness, expertise and resources that organizations devote to doing quality, ethical work on the site. In comparison, Twitter is less influential, but organizations have devoted more resources to establishing company policy, learning best practices and engaging users on the site.

Wikipedia is Google's top-recommended resource for informing readers about an organization's heritage, products, reputation and executives.


Public relations, SEO, advertising and digital marketing firms are often asked to improve Wikipedia articles on behalf of their clients. In most cases, they lack the expertise to take on the project ethically, but also do not have enough billable hours to justify creating an in-house expert.

Clients are frustrated when they have genuine needs for Wikipedia services, but their agency has a hands-off policy. However agencies that edit Wikipedia without expertise are often embarrassed when their clients' or their own reputations are damaged, or the article is flagged or deleted.

Ethical Wiki provides a partnership option that allows agencies to extend Ethical Wiki's professional-quality, ethical Wikipedia marketing services to their clients in a non-competitive environment.

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