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Simple Guide To Wikipedia and Marketing [Infographic]

Wikipedia and marketing infographicAfter Wiki-PR was exposed last year for manipulating Wikipedia and recieved a cease and desist letter from the Wikimedia Foundation, more marketers have been raising questions about their approach to Wikipedia and ethical behavior on the site. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has published a best practices guide for marketers participating on Wikipedia and Ethical Wiki has our own 18-page eBook. For those seeking a short version, I created this infographic with a collection of stats and information on ethical Wikipedia engagement.  

Ethical Wikipedia Marketing (eBook)

Open Book Policy (5914169915)Regular followers of the Ethical Wikipedia Marketing blog may have noticed it's been a little quiet recently. That's because I've been busy working on an 18-page e-book  about Wikipedia marketing that was just published today.

The eBook was inspired by an email from Markus Franz of the German Wikipedia consultancy Sucomo Consulting. This was shortly after astroturfing service Wiki-PR was banned from Wikipedia, exposed for deceptive practices and further ridiculed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Markus sounded frustrated that many of the German press covering the story said that marketing professionals should never edit their client or employer's page directly, even though the German Wiki has different rules that allow direct editing using special corporate accounts.

The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Wikipedia Strategies

This essay was originally published by the International Association of Business Communicators in the CW Bulletin. It has been reposted here with slight modifications and corrections.

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