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Wiki-PR sockpuppets exposed

This is a repost of the Wikipedia SignPost article "Extensive Network of Clandenstine Paid Advocacy Exposed" based on the story the Daily Dot broke in "The Battle to Destroy Wikipedia's Biggest Sockpuppet Army." If you are concerned about astroturfing on Wikipedia, please report this and similar incidences to the California and New York attorney generals.

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German court finds direct Wiki-editing unlawful

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Gall Pharma, a German nutritional supplements company, was fined €250,000 by the Munich High Regional Court for edits made to Wikipedia, according to the German Wikipedia's newsletter. The company's edits highlighted that their incense products were available in German pharmacies and elaborated on why their competitor's products were not, a contested claim that could influence buying decisons.

Wikipedia & Astroturfing: The Last Word

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Wikipedia's openly editable model and a history of misbehavior on the site creates radical attitudes about what constitutes astrotrufing on the online encyclopedia. According to the FTC, astroturfing occurs when someone intentionally gives the appearance of an organic, grass-roots source by not disclosing they were re-imbursed for their statements.

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